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Quantitative Research

No matter where your target market is, we can reach them. Our quantitative research team uses a number of data collection vehicles such as telephone surveys, online research, mall intercepts, in-home surveys, taste test studies, and mobile phone research.

PCG also manages the entire research process from questionnaire and sampling design to data processing and reporting. We diligently maintain complete quality control on each project all while adhering to your schedule and deadlines.

We recognize every project is different and, in turn, no two studies are alike. PCG takes the time to fully understand yours business and research goals so we can create bespoke solutions designed around each need.

Quantitative Expertise:

  • Ad Awareness and Testing
  • Attitude, Awareness and Usage
  • Brand awareness, Positioning, and Reach
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Concept and Copy Testing
  • Custom Research
  • In-Home Usage Testing (iHuts)
  • Market Positioning
  • Pricing Research (Conjoints and Max/Diff)
  • Retail Marketing Research
  • Satisfaction and Loyalty Analysis
  • Segmentation Studies
  • Shopper Insights
Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

PCG believes that great qualitative research begins with targeted questions and ends with excellent listening. By understanding the subtle nuances of respondents, we are able to keep them engaged while extracting key insights around their attitudes and the drivers behind their behavior.

Whether a market landscape assessment, concept test, or patient chart audit, we have the experience and creativity to implement the best methodology for your business.

Qualitative Expertise:

  • Group Discussions
  • Online Dyads
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Online Personal Diaries using EthOSapp
  • Online Triads
  • Video or Telephone Personal Interviews
  • Workshops

Project Workflow

Hybrid Research

PCG blends the best quantitative and qualitative methods to provide organizations with deeper and more well-rounded insights.

Hybrid research is great for idea-driven projects like concept, copy, and ad tests because we can evaluate the emotional drivers within quantitative data. It’s often difficult to understand what respondents mean when they say they “like” something. Qualitative research helps companies understand the “why” behind the statistics derived from quantitative studies. Qualitative research results in more reliable data, which allows for more confident decision making.

Combining both qualitative and quantitative research methods results in faster insight delivery and reduced costs. We leverage different technology platforms so qualitative and quantitative studies run simultaneously. Studies combining these two methodologies yield greater insights than single-mode studies.


The PCG team is well-versed on many of the leading survey and community platforms in the market. We have the experience to leverage your existing platform to its full potential, as well as the knowledge to recommend technology based on your specific needs and budget. Below is a list of platforms we use:

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