PCG is a trusted resource for market research companies and departments that are looking to outsource all or part of their research operations. Our team has extensive experience with data collection, survey programming, sample management, data analysis, and generating reports across multiple technology platforms. We provide quality, cost-effective services for clients who have limited resources, who want to scale their business, or who want to focus on their core competencies.

Survey Demos

Curious to see how this works? Check out what’s possible with the different types of PCG surveys.

Shopper Insights

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Brand Awareness

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Pricing Survey

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Chatbot Survey

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Data Collection and Sample Management

The PCG team connects you to your target audience through our partnerships with industry leading sample providers. Our partners have in-depth demographic data to interview the exact survey respondents you need. We are transparent about where we obtain sample and only work with companies that we have personally vetted.
Online Survey

Survey Programming

No survey programming job is too big or too small. We take on everything, from simple tasks to advanced programming work. Our surveys are interactive and mobile-friendly to boost respondent engagement. Our strict adherence to the industry’s best practices ensures consistently high response rates and low drop out rates. It’s our mission to stay up to speed with the latest technological advancements, so you can get the data you need as efficiently as possible.

Our Programming Capabilities:

  • Branch & Display Logic
  • Card Sort
  • Complex Quotas
  • Conjoint & Max Diff
  • Custom Question Types
  • Email Triggers
  • Filtering (Answer and Scales)
  • Image Map
  • Page Timers
  • Pricing Exercises
  • Randomization (Attributes, Concepts, and Questions)
  • Scoring
  • Segmentation & Typing Tools
  • Star Rating Summary Pages
  • Text Highlighter

We have experience programming surveys on a number of different technology platforms including:

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PCG sets up every question for response validation to ensure the cleanest survey results. Not only do we provide a complete survey data cleaning (including open ends) but we also offer data editing services like data merging/blending and data transformation/calculations.
We have extensive experience slicing and dicing data using online cross tabulations including significance testing, on-the-fly banner set up, custom calculations, segmentation, and nets. Our team integrates any statistical technique or method needed into the crosstabs. These crosstabs and summary tables can be provided in either an online format with a username and password or in Microsoft ExcelTM.
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Data Analysis & Reporting

The PCG team has considerable experience analyzing survey data, applying advanced statistical techniques, and addressing research objectives. We achieve this through reports that clearly present findings for decision makers.
We also work with the best in class data visualization tools to quickly and efficiently build dashboards that tell your data’s story. This allows you to quickly and efficiently drill down for real time insights. Some of the platforms we work with include Confirmit, Dapresy, Qualtrics, and Tableau.
Data Analysis & Reporting
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